Our vision is to earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers by consistently delivering frequent, high performing public transport services which offer excellent value.

Underpinning this vision we have adopted a common set of values across National Express:


More than anything else, we value the safety of our customers and our employees. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt for and we will not do anything which risks causing harm. We have launched a major internal programme, ‘Driving Out Harm’, which is designed specifically to educate and instil a safety-first culture at all levels and across all parts of the Group. Employee remuneration is now increasingly aligned with safety performance.


We place customers at the heart of our business. Nobody will try harder for their customers than we do, particularly when things go wrong.


We behave towards all our employees with the respect and dignity we expect from others. We will strive to enable all our people to reach their full potential and to give their best as individuals and in teams.


We are proud to operate in multicultural communities. Our policies and practices will advance the social, environmental and economic conditions of those communities.

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